Daily Life

The whole life of the nuns is harmoniously ordered to preserving the continual remembrance of God (Const. 74 IV)

Our life of contemplation, work, and silence is a joyful, total self-giving for the salvation of the world. Our main focus is prayer. We chant the full Divine Office in Choir each day fulfilling what the psalmist has said: "Seven times a day I will praise Thee." Each Sister also spends an additional two hours each day in private prayer, Adoration, and spiritual reading. This intercession of prayer extends beyond the monastery walls to all the corners of the world.

While we live an enclosed life, this separation paradoxically opens our heart wider in love and concern for God's people. The public is welcome to join us for Mass each morning at 8:00 am and for Vespers each evening at 5:00 pm. In addition, our chapel is open every day from 6:30 am until 5:30 pm and those who wish may spend time in quiet prayer before the Blessed Sacrament exposed for adoration.
Aside from prayer, there is manual work to be done - for example, cleaning, cooking, sewing, and the packaging and shipping of Altar Breads. Our life of contemplation and work is balanced by a period of community recreation in the evening and free time in the afternoon. Our monastic grounds provide ample space and suitable surroundings for both recreative activity and meditative walks.
We share the fruits of our contemplation through letters and parlor visits, and also through our artistic talents whether it be poetry, painting, photography, or doll-making.
Finally, keeping in mind Dominic's quest for Truth, the nuns also engage in study time as a life-long observance. The novitiate sisters have a plan of courses to cover in formation.
If you wish to know more about the Dominican monastic life, contact our Vocation Directress at:
Corpus Christi Monastery
215 Oak Grove Avenue
Menlo Park, CA 94025-3272

Phone: (650) 322-1801 ext. 19

E-mail: vocations@nunsmenlo.org