Sunday, June 1, 2014

Vocation Discernment Event

God may be calling you to be 'co-workers in the mystery of Redemption!'
JOIN US for a day of discernment on July 12th when you will have an excellent opportunity to learn about religious life in general, Dominican Monastic Life and Dominican Spirituality.
The event will include Mass, Divine Office, Adoration, Rosary, conferences and vocation stories given by our Dominican friars and nuns.
RSVP by email: or call: (650) 322-1801 ext. 19

"The form of contemplative life, which you received from the hands of St Dominic in the manner of the cloister, places you as living, vital members in the heart of the Mystical Body of the Lord, which is the Church; and just as the heart makes the blood circulate and keeps the whole body alive, so your hidden existence with Christ, where work and prayer alternate, helps to sustain the Church, the instrument of salvation for every person whom the Lord has redeemed with his Blood."
-Pope Benedict XVI, Meeting with Dominican Cloistered Nuns at the Monastery of Santa Maria del Rosario.

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