Sunday, March 23, 2014

God Is Thirsty…You Can Help Quench His Thirst!

…I want to be merciful to the world…I put into my servants a hunger and longing for my honor and the salvation of souls so that I might be forced by their tears to soften the fury of my divine justice.
(God the Father, to St. Catherine of Siena, O.P., Dialogue, translated by Sr. Suzanne Noffke, O.P.)

Whenever we meditate on the marvelous work of creation, our life, our intellect, our talents, our freedom, our dignity, the people God has put into our lives, the love and care of our Holy Mother Church, and the many things and events that surround us in our daily life, we should know of God’s burning and boundless love for humankind.

God did not only give us our very existence, made in his own image and likeness, he also gives grace and gifts daily in abundance to sustain us. When corruption and death entered the world through the sin of our first parents, God did not hesitate even for a moment to give us his only begotten son who clothed himself in our sinful flesh and died for us so as to satisfy divine justice.  Yet, the human race continues to offend and insult God instead of giving him glory and praise.

Like our Holy Father Dominic who often cried out “Lord, what will become of sinners?” we the children of St. Dominic also cry out: “Yes, merciful Father, what will become of your beloved children whom you have made in your image, yet attack you with every sort of sin instead of giving you thanks?”  “What will become of our world in which so many have lost faith and hope in you, their Creator and Redeemer?”

To this cry of distress, we trust in the mercy of God, who “like one drunk with love for our good” revealed it to St. Catherine: “…I have one remedy to calm my wrath: my servants who care enough to press me with their tears and bind me with the chain of their desire.”
In every age and in every generation, we need more of these servants who thirst, hunger and long for God’s honor and for the salvation of souls, so that they too can use this chain to bind God for souls and the good of our world.
With this wonderful knowledge, we invite you to accompany our young people who thirst, hunger and long for God’s honor and glory and for the salvation of souls, and who wish to use this chain to bind God and to force his goodness and mercy on humankind.  There are many young men and women in formation who need our support such as our young friars in our Western Dominican Province and many more young men and women who desire to consecrate their lives to God in humble service, constant prayer, and contemplation to alleviate God’s thirst for souls, but who are unable to do so because of their financial obligations. Among these zealous young people is our own aspirant, Tara Clemens, who has been accepted into our monastery but still needs to resolve her education loans before she can freely give her ‘all’ to God. 
We encourage all the faithful to join them with our prayers and financial support, no matter how much or little for each drop of water will help fill the cup!  In helping these young men and women, we ourselves take an active part in quenching God’s thirst for souls.  It is also a way to show our love for God as the Father has told St. Catherine: love of God and love of others are inseparable…and that every good and every evil is done by means of our neighbors.

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