Friday, January 10, 2014

Come-and-See Discernment Weekend

Preparing for the Discernment Weekend Liturgy
We will begin our first vocation discernment weekend tonight and we ask that you please join us in praying with and for the young women who are coming to the event.

Blessed Jordan, worthy successor of St Dominic, in the early days of the Order, your example and zeal prompted many men and women to follow Christ in the white habit of our Holy Father.

As patron of Dominican vocations, continue to stimulate talented and devoted men and women to consecrate their lives to God. Through your intercession, lead to the Order of Preachers generous and sacrificing persons, willing to give themselves fervently to the apostolate of truth.

Help them to prepare themselves to be worthy of the grace of a Dominican vocation. Inspire their hearts to become learned of God, that with firm determination they might aspire to be champions of the faith and true lights of the world. Amen.

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  1. Praying that the women who attend the "Come and See Discernment Weekend", at Corpus Christi Monastery, will listen with their hearts to God's call. And that God may hear from these women a desire to live, love, and contemplate Him within the cloister walls of this Menlo Park, CA monastery. St. Dominic, pray for them! Blessed Jordan, pray for them!