Friday, November 15, 2013

Have Charity One For Another

The heart of Dominican life is brotherly (or sisterly) love[1]. The Order of Preachers is one of the unique Orders in the world that has a familial relationship among its branches, friars, nuns, laity, apostolic sisters, associates, and volunteers under the umbrella of the Dominican family.

The fraternal element in our Dominican spirituality emphasizes the value of common life where the friars or the nuns have ample opportunities to do mortification and sacrifices for the salvation of souls. The community life also offers protection to its members through the vows, the habits, and the enclosure.[2] While community life at times can be difficult due to human failings or when personalities clash, community is a great source of strength and blessing because by living in it peacefully, we become the eschatological sign of what our life will be like in Heaven. Furthermore, in our monastery, community life provides an environment of solitude and silence which are conducive to prayer and contemplation.

Since the beginning of the Order, St. Dominic nurtured a fraternal relationship between the friars and the nuns by personally taking care of the spiritual needs of the nuns.  This fraternal care continues until this day by the friars of our Order. So as we celebrate the feast of our brother Albert today, we give praise to God and gratitude to our friars for supporting our spiritual needs faithfully and for being our true brothers after the example of our holy father St. Dominic.
We pray especially for all the Dominican brothers at St. Albert's Priory, and ask God, through the intercession of St. Albert, to send us many more vocations!
“A prayer which begins with such a tender greeting cannot fail to be a loving and intimate one. Because of this, in the preceding Gospel God is said to be with us and to see us in secret because God is both intimate and loving. If it were otherwise, we would not have access to God. And therefore the Only-begotten Son, by whose Spirit we are adopted, is said to be in the bosom of the Father.”
(From the Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew of St Albert the Great)
Window of St. Albert Priory in Oakland, CA.


[1] [2] Fr. William Hinnebusch, O.P, Dominican Spirituality: Principle and Practice

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