Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Delights of Community

Our Dominican Order celebrates the Feast of St. Augustine because our founder, St. Dominic, was a Canon of St. Augustine before he was called by God to begin a new Order of Preachers. Since we call St. Dominic our Father, we lovingly refer to St. Augustine as our 'Grandfather' in faith.

In his wonderful book of "Confessions", St. Augustine talks about the delights of community life as he knew it among the friends who gathered around him in a religious community. These delights are still ours today as we live the Dominican Monastic Life in the 21st Century.

"The charms of talking and laughing together and kindly giving way to each other's wishes, reading elegantly written books together, sharing jokes and delighting to honor one another, disagreeing occasionally but without rancor, as a person might disagree with himself, and lending piquancy by that rare disagreement to our much more frequent accord. We would teach and learn from each other, sadly missing any who were absent and blithely welcoming them when they returned. Such signs of friendship sprang from the hearts of friends who loved and knew their love returned, signs to be read in smiles, words, glances and a thousand gracious gestures. So were sparks kindled and our minds were fused inseparably, out of many becoming one. "

St. Augustine - Confessions Bk 4


  1. He wrote: "...disagreeing occasionally but without rancor, as a person might disagree with himself..."
    The world needs more of that, much more.

  2. What a beautiful description! "Delighting to honor one another."