Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our Feathered Friends

Yesterday, as we began the Entrance Hymn for our morning Mass, our voices were joined by a descant from the rafters. A little bird had flown into our choir and enjoyed our music. He sang along with us, happily praising God for the wonder of his being and the fine perches for him to rest on. As the day wore on, he flew from perch to perch, carefully dusting all the areas that we cannot ordinarily reach. When finished with his cleaning task, he was tired and thirsty. We placed a dish of water on the floor near the open door to show him the way out, and finally he went back to the great outdoors to rejoin his family in the treetops.

At about the same time a mother duck and her eight little ducklings came parading
into our monastery garden. She led them along the path, probably headed for the pond at the City Library a couple of blocks away. But they met the enclosure wall, and although Mama could easily fly over it, the babies were stopped. So she bedded them down for the night in the grass near the barn. Mama Duck disappears every now and then, and the number of babies is decreasing, so we think that she is air lifting them over the wall to get them on their way to the pond, where most likely, Papa Duck is waiting for them.

Last, but not least, is the most recent visit of our friend, the big Blue Heron. Every few months he comes by and stops for a while on our grounds, where he simply checks things out and rests a bit before his next flight. We don't know where he comes from or where he is going, but it is possible that he, too, is headed for the pond at the City Library.

These are a few of our visiting critters this summer. The Lord takes care of each and every one of them, just as He does for His beloved people.

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  1. His eyes are on the sparrow.....