Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Dominican Priests

Dominic David
This week is very important for our two Dominican Brothers who are in the final days of preparing
for Priestly Ordination. Brother  Brother Ambrose Sigman and Dominic David Maichrowicz will receive the holy oil on their hands and the imposition of the hands of the Bishop to make them priests forever with the power to consecrate the bread and wine at Mass and to forgive sins. The sacred rite to confer the Sacrament of Ordination will be on Friday May 31. This is also the Feast of the Visitation of Our Blessed Mother to her cousin, Elizabeth. How beautiful to be in union with Mary as she goes forth to be of service to her kinswoman. Similarly, our Brothers will be sent forth to minister to their brothers and sisters in the world.

On the same day two other Brothers will receive Ordination to the diaconate. Brother Peter Junipero Hannah and Brother Justin Charles Gable will be ordained as deacons, the final step on their journey to the priesthood.

Peter Junipero
We increase our prayers for our Brothers that they be filled with the Holy Spirit and all His many gifts, and be ready for the great moment when they will become 'Another Christ' for our sakes. May our Blessed Mother be with them to support and guide them in their personal journey and in their ministry, just as she was there for Jesus in His ministry. And we look forward to receiving their First Blessings in the near future.

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