Sunday, April 7, 2013


This week we have had some delightful visits with old friends. The first was
Bishop Carlos Sevilla, who was Auxiliary Bishop in San Francisco before he was appointed to the see of Yakima in Washington. The Bishop who was raised in San Francisco, was visiting family in this area and found time to spend a short visit with our community. Although he has retired as Ordinary of his diocese, he finds much work still to be done. He gives retreats, spiritual direction (as a Jesuit, this is his special field), and ministers to many different groups. On Holy Thursday he celebrated Mass in the local jail, which sounds just like our new Holy Father.

A few days later we had the joyful experience of a visit with Archbishop John R. Quinn. When he was our own local Ordinary, Archbishop Quinn would often visit with our community. Now that he is no longer in that position he is busier than ever. He constantly travels throughout North America giving lectures and retreats to priests and bishops.

After visiting with us in the parlor, and treating us to some music (since he is an accomplished musician) the Archbishop greeted and blessed our Sisters in the infirmary.  We are looking forward to Archbishop Quinn's new book,  Ever Ancient, Ever New which will be released in May.


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  1. Wonderful updates from the Corpus Cristi. Thank you so much for sharing. I have fond memories of visiting the monastery during my own novitiate -and though no longer in the Order, I still keep the sisters in my prayers.