Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wonderful Days

This has been an eventful week. We had the feast of St. Patrick, which is a solemnity for us because he is the co-patron of our Archdiocese. Therefore the liturgy was transferred to Monday. So that day we had our corned beef and cabbage and our wonderful Irish hymns. 

Next day was the feast of St. Joseph, patron of the universal Church. This too, is a solemn feast of the Church which we always celebrate with all the trimmings. But this year it was a very special day because it was the inauguration day of our new Holy Father, Pope Francis I. What a magnificent occasion! We watched as the Vatican pulled out all the stops and set the whole world rejoicing in the gift of our first American Pope and Bishop of Rome. 

Pope Francis loves simplicity, and we did notice that in many little ways things were done in a simpler way than in past ages. But even so, it was a magnificent manifestation of the love and honor that our spiritual leader inspires among all the nations of the world. 

And now we are at the threshold of Holy Week. Just as we turn from the glory and triumph of the inaugural Mass to the solemn rites of Holy Week liturgy, so Jesus turned from the glory and triumph of Palm Sunday to the rejection and suffering of the Paschal Mystery. May we follow Him in His Sacred Passion this week, and reject all that is sinful in us, in order to share in His eternal glory in the Resurrection. 

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