Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fig Trees

The Gospel of the Third Sunday of Lent tells us about the land owner who goes out to check the fig tree in his garden. He finds leaves but no figs. Since this has been going on for three years, he tells the gardener to cut it down and plant something that will produce fruit.

But the gardener asks for a little more time - just one more year. He will cultivate it, water it, fertilize it and give it loving care. He knows it is the last chance for this poor tree, but he will work with it in hopes that this year it will produce figs.

That little fig tree is you and me. Are we producing the fruit that we have been planted for?  We have been given this Lent as a time of repentance and conversion.  Our loving gardener is God and He wants to help us to produce. He will water us with His grace each time we ask Him. He will dig around us, sometimes shaking us up in our complacency. Things may get a little rough. It might be a serious illness, a death in the family, the loss of a job, a broken relationship. When these major upsets come, let us consider them as the cultivation necessary for our growth. If we put down our roots firmly in the depth of God, we will stand firm even when we are shaken.

Then there is fertilizer. This is not a pleasant experience either. It is dirty, smelly, uncomfortable. But it is necessary for the tree to flourish. When we must endure the little uncomfortable experiences of life, let us think of them as our fertilizer. They may be a head cold, a noisy neighbor, a dinner not to my taste, missing a plane, a computer crash, or a million other annoyances in daily life. Let us allow them to do their work in feeding our souls with the nutrients that we really need to product luscious fruit.

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of salvation

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