Friday, February 22, 2013

The Father Speaks at the Transfiguration

This is My Beloved Son. Listen to Him.

You don’t have to go looking for Him
in a foreign country,
or among great teachers or academics.

He doesn’t make Himself available only to the holy ones
or only to very important people.

He is here
    with you.

As the Breviary has it,
“when you seek me with all your heart
you will find me
with you”. (Jer 29)

Just go within
and you will find Him
waiting for you
in the depths of your heart.

This is the One I am pointing out to you.

This is My Beloved Son. Listen to Him.

This is a statement of the Holy Trinity.
The Father speaks in the first Person
in the possessive: ‘MY’

“Son” is Jesus, the second Person,
who proceeds from the Father.

“Beloved” expresses the love which constantly flows
from Father to Son
and from Son back to Father
and is so real that this Love is
the Third Person - the Holy Spirit.

This is My Beloved Son. Listen to Him.

You may not hear audible words
but nonetheless you can “hear” Him.

He speaks in the Scriptures
which you read and hear every day.

He speaks in homilies, books, the teachings of the Church.

Can you hear Him in the cry for help
from a distressed sister or brother?

Or in one who needs to share his/her joy?

He speaks to you in the sound of music,
the singing of birds,
and in all the beauties of nature:
        sounds, colors, textures, shapes of flowers,
leaves, trees, mountains, clouds, sunsets.

People you love speak loudly of Him,
do you hear?

Through all these He tells you of His love,
His beauty,
His truth,
His wisdom,
His understanding,
His compassion.

This is My Beloved Son. Listen to Him.

Who is it you are listening to?

Him:   My Beloved
and your Beloved.

May He be music to your ears,
Wisdom in your mind,
Love in your heart.

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