Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Friend and Brother

A recent event in our monastery was a fraternal visit with our friend of many years, Father Ed Ruane, OP. Father has been serving as Vicar of the Master of the Order, Fr. Bruno Cadore, OP, for the last six years. In this capacity he lived in Rome at the convent of Santa Sabina. At the same time he served as Socius to the Master for the North American Provinces. Now, having finished his term, he is returning to the United States and will take up new duties as pastor of St. Dominic's Church in Denver. 

Father has been a devoted friend and brother of our monastery for over 20 years, and also served two terms as our Vicar. He has developed a deep friendship with our community and each time he visits his sister who lives close by, he includes a day with us. We look forward to these occasions and enjoy his company. 

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