Saturday, December 15, 2012


As we enter deeper into our Advent journey, we begin to understand more fully the exciting reality of the presence of God in our lives. In preparing for the great feast of Christmas we look at our lives to see how we can empty some of the harmful or unnecessary clutter we find there, in order to make room for Christ who wants to fill our souls. 

By purifying our minds and hearts in this way we also prepare ourselves for the final coming of Christ which will be for each of us, the moment of our death. 

Meanwhile we notice more and more that He is with us in all the little events of our daily life. Did He, Himself, not say, “I am with you always; yes, to the end of time.”(Mat 28:20) And that means NOW, even at this very moment. He is with us to console us, to strengthen us, to teach us the right way. 

It’s easier to be aware of Him when it is a matter of joy, success, pleasure. But even in moments of fear, frustration, or suffering, we can come to understand that particular pain as His gentle tap on the shoulder, saying, “I am with you.”

In the joys and frustrations of our Christmas preparations, whether we are cleaning or cooking, decorating or driving, buying or selling, we only have to say, “Lord, please help me with this.”

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