Saturday, August 18, 2012

Gratitude - Altar Breads and Technology!

The monastery’s Altar Bread Department is very happy and pleased to inform our readers that our monastery has finally (somewhat) caught up with the 21st Century technology!

After many months of hard work in begging for financial assistance (we are a mendicant Order,) procuring new computers and printers, and configuring the system to meet our business needs, we finally went ‘live’ with a new Sales/Accounting system called Quickbooks!
The monastery is self-supporting.  Since the beginning of our foundation, God’s providence has been providing for us through the generosity of the people of God and through the loyal support of our faithful customers. 

Our old computer
We would like to send our heartfelt gratitude to all our benefactors who made this technology upgrade possible by sharing with us their financial resources in this difficult economy.  A special thanks to our computer consultant, Paul Hugo, who generously donated his time and God-given talents and expertise to help us.  Paul has patiently spent endless hours and many late afternoons locked up behind these cloister walls to help us in configuring the new system and transferring data from our old DOS application so that we could better serve our customers with their individual specific needs.

May our Holy Father St. Dominic and the great St. Joseph, whom we chose as Patron for the Altar Bread department, bless each of you for your kindness to the nuns.  As our late Holy Father Blessed John Paul II said: The Church’s journey is entrusted to the loving hearts and praying hands of cloistered nuns; so we thank our Dominican friars, benefactors and our customers for sharing in our mission by their generous and loyal support.

If you, your parish or someone you know would like to join in our mission by purchasing our hosts, please contact the altar bread department at
or call us at (650) 322-1801 ext. 34
Deo Gratias!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

New Monastery in Canada

Congratulations to our Sisters at Queen of Peace Monastery, Squamish, BC,
whose new building was dedicated on the feast of St. Dominic.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our Holy Father St Dominic

Wednesday, August 8 is the feast of our holy founder, St. Dominic. We rejoice as we celebrate with all the Dominican brothers and sisters throughout the world. May St. Dominic obtain many new vocations and graces and blessings in abundance for his sons and daughters.

Happy Feast Day of Our Holy Father St Dominic!