Saturday, April 14, 2012

Our Lady on Easter Morning

One of the traditions in our monastery is the early morning procession on Easter Sunday. It is called the "Procession At Dawn", and is intended to commemorate the moment when tradition tells us that Jesus came to His most holy Mother immediately after the Resurrection. Scripture does not give us evidence of this apparition, but we all feel it in the depths of our hearts that Mary must have been the very first one to whom Jesus came after He rose from the dead.

In the early hours of the Feast of the Resurrection, singing the sweet words of Easter chants, the nuns walk with lighted candles, down the two sides of the arched cloister garden, led by a Sister swinging the thurible of fragrant incense. The Prioress is on one side carrying the large processional crucifix, and a novice on the other side carrying the statue of Our Blessed Mother. The two, with the lines of nuns behind them, meet in the center and enter the door into the choir where begins the joyful Mass of the Resurrection.

Mary had been faithful to her Son all her life and even when the apostles and other disciples fled in fear, she stayed with Him in loving support. Jesus, loving her with all the intensity of the Divinity, and also with the warm, tender love of a human Son, could not let her wait any longer to see Him in His glory. In her faith, Mary had believed that He would rise from the dead, but to experience it must have been the most intense joy that a human heart can experience on this earth. What joy must have passed between these two hearts after the depth of suffering that had been theirs during the past few days!

May each of us and all our friends and benefactors be filled with a reflection of this joy of our Mother Mary on this feast of her Risen Son.

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  1. Dear Sisters, Thank you for sharing your tradition and your beautiful reflection. I really needed to read this... Julie Apel