Thursday, March 8, 2012

Woman, behold, your son. Behold, your Mother.

Jesus is suffering the most extreme physical pains, having endured scourging, crowning with sharp thorns, the nailing of his hands and feet to the cross, and the gradual suffocation resulting from hanging in that torturous position. But his mind is still clear and active. He sees that, humanly speaking, his life has been a failure. He tried to gather the leaders of a new church but they have deserted him. He tried to win the people to follow his teaching, but they have turned against him and shouted for his death. Even his heavenly Father seems to be absent and unconcerned.

Yet, in spite of all this, he is caring about his Mother and his beloved disciple – AND about me. As the only Son of a widowed Mother, he is not willing to leave her alone in the world. And so he entrusts her to his closest friend. But he knows that this woman, whom he addresses in a formal way, is also the "new Eve", the mother of all the living. And therefore he can entrust his best friend and all his future disciples - including me - to her loving care.

Mary is the mother of the whole Christ, head and body. She accepted that office with gratitude and love, and is devoted to bringing each one of us in her care to our heavenly home. During his life on earth, Jesus never refused any request Mary made of him. And now from her exalted place in heaven she continues to intercede for all our needs.

In times of doubt, pain, illness, anxiety, fear, temptation, struggle, or oppression, let us call on our Mother to counsel, guard and guide us and obtain all the graces we need on our journey of life.

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