Thursday, March 29, 2012

It Is Finished.

What is finished? Many things:
The allotted extent of the life of Jesus on this earth;
The time that Jesus had to found His Church;
The plan of the Holy Trinity for undoing the harm done by our failings;
The amount of suffering that Jesus had to endure for our sins;
The using of the last ounce of His energy for us;
The giving of His mother into the hands of his best friend;
The giving of His Church into the care of His Mother;
The announcing of the Kingdom;
The teaching of His disciples all that they needed to know to carry on His work;
The fulfillment of the Scriptures concerning Him;
The appointing of His Vicar on earth;
The redemption of mankind.

During His lifetime Jesus spent Himself ceaselessly in preaching the love that God has for each one of us, and the fact that He thirsts for our love in return. He has now finished His part of that work and ours is continuing.

Jesus came to this world only to do one thing - the will of His Father. And He completed His mission.
What about us?
Have we taken enough time and effort to discern God’s will and to carry it out?

As the commemoration of the Passion of our Lord is approaching, let us ask for all the graces that come from His cross to do His will.

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