Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Thirst

A significant suffering of Jesus’ last hour was His thirst – after all, He was severely dehydrated. Recorded by only one evangelist the fact that He endured this torment needed to be told. He wanted to share it and He yearned for our personal response. Love for love; suffering for suffering.

The crucifix in the Chapel of
 the Missionaries of Charity, Semera
Jesus, our incarnate God, loves us with an infinite love, one that anticipates the fulfilment of perfect union with each one of us. In His desire for us to know and be aware of the extent of His love He wanted us to appreciate every aspect of His love’s outpouring.

This revelation of the depth of His yearning for the salvation of each and every soul so impressed Mother Teresa of Calcutta that she had His plea, "I thirst" inscribed on the chapel wall near the tabernacle of every one of her convents. This expression of total love beckons and challenges her sisters to reciprocate by inserting their fervent lives into this mystery of God’s longing.

And you?

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