Monday, February 13, 2012

To The Divine Jeweler

To the Divine Jeweler
             Our Beloved Lord Jesus

To Him, whom at times it may seem to us
His blessed 'hand' comes crashing down upon us.
We wonder Lord, how can this be?
Are you not He
All gentleness and compassion?

Dear Children, My Love for you is so great
you could never fathom it.
What you now deem a great weight
is my Love which can hardly wait
to allow you to know what is that 'blow'.

Be patient dear ones
Stand by My side


And you will see,
like the tiny drops on the leaf
there will be, one day, relief
And it will all have been
My Heart's desire
to make of your soul
all beauty, afire
with such love
that you will one day come
to resemble Me.

~ From The Collection of Poems by Sr. Mary of the Holy Spirit, OP ~

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