Monday, February 20, 2012

Some Books Review...

Some new and interesting books have come our way recently and we would like to share with you just a few highlights.

A favorite story for generations of young and young-of-heart readers, is "The Wizard of Oz". As we watched the movie over and over we learned to identify with each of the characters. Fr. Nathan Castle, OP has written a book which helps us learn from the spiritual and psychological situations encountered by one after another of the friends in the movie.  Be sure to look for "And Toto Too" and enjoy some hours of reliving this delightful story.

"Just A Minute" is a small new book with a one minute reflection on the Scripture Readings of the day. Fr. Vincent Serpa, OP, who ia currently working at Catholic Answer, gives us in this little volume the fruit of his own contemplation. Each day has a page which is so short that even a busy person can take just one minute to bring the Scripture of the day into his or her own life. What a beautiful way to focus on God’s word during Lent and afterward. Our gratitude to our Dominican Laity Corpus Christi Chapter who gave each signed copy for us to read.

From our Dominican Monastery of the Mother of God in West Springfield, comes a delightful account of watching humming birds approach the feeder in the monastery garden. Sister Mary of the Sacred Heart Sawicki, OP and her Sisters watched for many a long hour and gained the confidence of the tiny birds and they came to drink the sweet nectar provided for them. Contemplating these little creatures, Sister compares the birds to God, the great Hummer, who gradually draws near to each of us in prayer. Her book "The Hummer and the Hummed" will give you guidance and encouragement in your path to the Heart of God.

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