Wednesday, September 8, 2010


People often wonder what nuns are like. To understand nuns or for that matter, any person, one must be invited to look at their heart. For it is in this dwelling place of the Trinity that the truth, integrity and uniqueness of each individual abides.

The human heart is formed by the Creator in an act of love and openness between two people.  Its story develops in the wondrous exchange between mother and child, person and community, friend with friend.  As time, silence and solitude slowly exert their influence, the formative value of inwardness is established.  As the person grows, the joys and challenges of interdependence, the relevance of openness becomes clear.

Each one, as she responds to the call of God and others contributes her own unique "heartprint", the sum total of the experiences that have shaped and formed her, receiving in turn the heartprint of others in hope-filled expectation that this sharing will lead to communion.

As Dominican Nuns we have joyfully sought out and made our own the heartprints of Saint Dominic de Guzman, humble contemplative, itinerant preacher and fervent intercessor on behalf of sinners. He who called his children to fraternal charity, voluntary poverty and a contemplation that was to bear fruit for others, continues to call women to share with us their hopes and dreams --- their heartprints.

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